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NIMBY: Drug addiction, rehab and the controversy


Drug abuse and addiction have infiltrated our communities: gated, HOA, multi-family housing or suburban —  no matter how much some try to ignore the growing epidemic. Many states advocate for recovery clinics and treatment for addiction, but many also want these clinics out of their communities. NIMBYism — which stands for “Not In My Back Yard” has reared its ugly head again and the idea of residential treatment facilities seem to cross a line for some. However, as widespread as prescription or illicit drug addiction is, some argue burying treatment or pushing it outside areas which need it is as silly as some NIMBY sister acronyms in the encyclopedia:

  • BANANA –Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything
  • CAVE — Citizens Against Virtually Everything
  • SOBBY— Some Other Bugger’s Back Yard

Many people with a drug addiction seeking help are the very ones parenting our community children or in positions of influence in the neighborhood. Simply, they are people who have developed a habit, which morphed into an addiction and cannot see his or her way out.

The controversy

Denver Recovery Group will be opening a new treatment facility in Denver Colorado, near East high school. Parents of students and the neighborhood are concerned. People have become much wearier of this center which promotes rehabilitation to a healthy lifestyle. In some ways, an addiction treatment center can help to inform local students about addiction and how harmful it can be.

This center will help addicts by giving out methadone, an opiate based drug that can be used in painkillers, commonly used with treating heroin addiction. The drug is used to build up in the body and help to wean the addict off of the harmful substance. However, this center will also treat any form of drug, opiate and substance abuse.

In a local TV News story, partner of the Denver Recovery Group, Chad Tewksbury said, “They’re already walking past these individuals in the grocery market, at the liquor store. They’re already in the community. So to say they’re going to be exposed to them now that they’re getting into treatment is not true.” This is in response to the community uproar that having children near drug addicts of any kind could be a bad influence.

If a drug addict and an addiction clinic physician were to be dressed in the same outfit and cleaned up, would it be possible to tell them apart? Part of the responsibility belongs to the parent to warn their children about the dangers of addiction and how it can start. This center can help to further education at the high school, about addiction to drugs and prescribed medication. A teenager’s mind is still impressionable and developing — and some say can only benefit from understanding the warning signs and repercussions of addiction.


Addictions can start out as a recreational habit or form gradually from a dependence on a prescribed substance. Addictions can also form from activities including: gambling, exercise, sex, internet surfing and many more. While this center will mainly treat for drug addiction, there are endless forms of addiction that people live with each day.

Scores of those who have formed an addiction to opiates or prescribed pain killers did so gradually and with no ill intent. People who have fallen into an addiction, need treatment and may not be able to go far out of town or across the country.The National Survey on Drug Use and Health – NSDUH — conducted in 2010, found “an estimated 2.4 million people in the U.S. used prescription drugs non-medically for the first time in the past year.”

Sovereign Health group has facilities in San Clemente, San Diego, Palm Springs and Culver City California as well as treatment centers in Delta Utah, Chandler Arizona and Fort Myers Florida. If you or a loved one have an addiction to a drug or substance and need help, please call: 866-576-4147.



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