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  • How long does rehab take?

Duration of your stay in a rehab facility depends on the intensity of addiction, your history with addiction, existence of any co-occurring condition and physical, mental and emotional needs.However, recovery is an ongoing process but some addicts need a 30-day program while others need even more. The more you stay in a rehab, the better your chances of recovery. Also, the risk of relapse is minimal.

  • How much does rehab cost?

The cost of rehab depends primarily on the kind of amenities provided, location, duration and type of the program- inpatient and outpatient treatment. Luxury rehabs offer you with plush surroundings and hence, are costlier than regular rehab centers. During your intake session, it is your counsellor who recommends the expected duration of stay essential for a healthier recovery.

  • Is my addiction bad enough?

It is very difficult to realize that you have an addiction problem. Reason being, either you don’t know how worse the problem is or you haven’t faced any serious consequences yet. Progressive in nature, this problem can get worse with time if not recognized soon. And there are certain factors that can help you in acknowledging whether you are suffering from mild or severe addiction. They include lack of control, impact on relationships and work, cravings, loss of interest and reduced concentration.

  • Where should I attend Rehab?

A rehab facility outside home ensures you stay away from distractions that may trigger the cravings. And as an inpatient, you can focus better on your recovery, too. But when you choose to go for an outpatient program, make sure the rehab is close to your place. This helps in making it easier for you to travel on a regular basis, reducing the overall treatment cost and allowing you to carry your other daily activities.

  • Is Insurance Accepted?

With Sovereign’s insurance process, you don’t have to worry about the payment. We give you the benefit of PPO, Preferred Provider Organization, wherein you don’t have to pay much from your own pocket. This insurance process is designed keeping in mind your already stressed situation and hence, makes the whole payment process easy for you and your family. Also, our admissions staff is trained to deal with your insurance company and the financial aspects like the amount of coverage offered for the treatment and other insurance benefits.

  • What treatment is used for addiction?

We follow a holistic approach in treating your addiction problem. Based on a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your problem and any co-occurring conditions, we design a specialized treatment plan for you. It includes Natural Assisted Detox, group and individual therapy and alternative therapies like yoga, meditation and arts followed by a continuing care program. By offering such a comprehensive plan, we make sure you recover better, faster and there are minimal chances of relapse.