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Celebrate self-improvement: One step at a time


September is designated as Self-Improvement Month. A whole four weeks of working on things to improve oneself. Nobody is perfect and everyone can improve at least one thing. At the same time, it is important not to be too hard on oneself and to recognize the good qualities one already has. Self-improvement is not easy. It takes perseverance, hard work and dedication. With four weeks in September, self-improvement can be broken down into four categories, one category per week.

Week one: Spiritual

Whether one is religious or agnostic, finding the center of one’s world and focusing on that is important. Take time to attend a religious service, or practice meditation or deeper thinking to form a deeper connection within.

Week two: Mental

Exercising the mind is a way to stay mentally strong. Reading, writing, or exercising one’s mind with mental exercises such as trivia games can help sharpen one’s mind and improve mental health. Learning how to let go of things and reduce stress levels can also help improve mental health. Relaxation techniques such as breathing techniques, yoga and even getting extra sleep can also sharpen one’s mental health.

Week three: Physical

Taking care of oneself physically is an important component of Self-Improvement Month. Exercising and eating healthy are extremely important not only to prevent major health problems but also to boost self-confidence. Not drinking enough water and consuming excessive amounts of caffeine can cause dehydration and fatigue. Exercise releases natural endorphins, which create happiness and good feelings.

Keep in mind that eating healthy is not the same as dieting. Eating healthy is a long-term lifestyle habit whether or not weight loss is desired, whereas dieting is an unsustainable, short-term endeavor. Focus on eating to sustain good health.

Week four: Social

Social aspects of life are important. Forming bonds with friends and family can help develop strong social skills and relationships. During tough times it is important to have support from loved ones. Take a moment or two during this week to show gratitude toward loved ones. Improving social skills can mean reaching out to an old friend or attempting to mend a former relationship. Humans are naturally social individuals, so it is important to improve social skills to create bonds and friendships. Take time out of the day to pay attention to and spend time with people.

Self-improvement is something only you can do. It is important to set daily or weekly goals and stick to these goals if you want to improve in certain aspects of your life. If you or someone you know is struggling with self-care because of an addiction or a mental illness, Sovereign Health Group might be able to help. For more information, call 855-683-9756.

Written by Kristen Fuller, M.D., Sovereign Health Group writer

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