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Codeine Addiction Treatment Los Angeles, CaliforniaCodeine is an opioid primarily used to treat mild to severe pain and is a cough suppressant. It is available in the form of tablets, syrup and injection. The drug generally connects to the brain receptors responsible for transmitting the pain sensation throughout the body. Codeine then releases neurotransmitters that stimulate the reward center of the brain, providing the user calmness and pleasure.

Codeine is normally swallowed. However, people who abuse the drug prefer to crush the tablets and snort it for an extreme high. Some even inject it to get the intense feeling of pleasure. Though codeine may not pose a serious threat as other opioids, like hydrocodone, oxycontin, oxymorphone, etc., a person abusing the drug still has a tendency to leap to stronger alternatives. Moreover, the tolerance to the drug develops quickly, so a person is more likely to take higher doses to get the high. This may lead to both psychological and physical dependence on the drug.

Codeine causes nausea, vomiting, difficulty in breathing and drowsiness. The drug may also cause constipation, stomach pain and itchiness. The mental effects of using the drug can cause impaired judgments, confusion, agitation and even convulsions and hallucinations if taken heavier doses.

A person who has not been able to walk free from codeine addiction, perhaps for years, should consult a specialist at a codeine addiction treatment center. A step-by-step rehabilitation process can help a person get rid of addiction and start living a sober life. Good codeine drug rehab centers offer customized addiction programs, tailored to the individual’s need which can cater to both physical and mental wellbeing.

Addiction to codeine can be fairly common if the directives set by the doctor are ignored. A severe usage can affect the brain and directly disrupt neural biochemistry. A reputed codeine addiction rehab center adopts different detoxification programs depending on the patients’ conditions to treat the addiction holistically. Some specialized codeine drug rehab centers also use natural assisted detox which is an effective way of appeasing the discomfort of withdrawal, minimizing cravings and speeding up the detox process.

Apart from pharmacological and psychological therapies, dedicated codeine addiction treatment centers also provide alternative therapies which can assist in the recovery process. Seeking the best possible treatment from a reputed rehab center is of utmost importance to start living a life of sobriety.